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Unfortunately, much of the tree’s buttress roots were washed away with the flood. This tree is currently an Iowa City city landmark and a State of Iowa tree. It is often cut for kindling, which has been prohibited since a 2014 city ordinance. It is also the subject of a novel. References Category:Individual trees in Iowa Category:Individual oak trees Category:Iowa City, Iowa Category:Individual grovesHello all, I am new to this group and have been struggling with SW for years. I have bought a large collection of old books, which seem to be rare and valuable, but which have no cover. They were apparently bought from a book dealer who bought them at a clearance sale. On average, they cost me about $3,000, one way. They are apparently from the 1880's, and the place where I bought them says "These books were sold at a bargain price to save storage costs. Some were bought at auction. Others were donated to the library and sold at auction." At some point, I think, some of the books were reprinted. Some had some maps and gazetteers added. One book had the names of all the states with abbreviated states in the margins. But there is so much variation, from ones like this to ones where only the front cover shows and the spine is blank. What I am thinking is, is that these books were published in the 1870's or early 1880's and sold and distributed through bookstores. As they were sold, they were reprinted with new covers or new end pages, depending on what was cheapest at the time. Eventually, when the books were no longer needed for sale, the publishers would have thrown out a lot of the old books that weren't reprinted. Of course, someone has to have read and know a lot about the books and bought the "rare" ones at auction. But that is what has kept me going for so long. My own books are still under the mattress in boxes, and I am still on my first computer. But they are just too interesting to put aside. I have about 2,000 books in the house, so it is a big job to organize them. I don't know if the books you have are worth a lot, or not. But I think it would be fun to know whether they are rare. And I think it would be fun to have them read for me



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HD Online Player (Download Video Mesum Dian Sastro War) maurwyl

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